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Data access

by Nadège Meunier - 13 March 2017 ( maj : 9 May 2017 )

Data Access

Access to the DIVA archive: Reduced high contrast imaging archive data (CeSAM/LAM)

Access to SPHERE reduced calibration: Calibrations are currently automatically retrieved from the ESO archives (every 24 hours), reduced (after 7pm, French time) and put online, they are then available to all.

  • To access reduced calibrations:
    • Click on the link. You must have java (for Mac users, you may need to save and then execute).
    • Login: public_user and password : public_user
    • Click on Data Browse, which allows you to access all available reduced calibrations
  • To download some data:
    • Select the file(s) you wish to retrieve
    • Right click to download a script
    • Make the file executable (for example with chmod x+u script)
    • Launch the script to retrieve the data

Access to SPHERE reduced data: Soon on-line, with procedure similar to the reduced calibration above.

Acknowledgements in your publications if you use SPHERE reduced data: This work has made use of the SPHERE Data Centre, jointly operated by OSUG/IPAG (Grenoble), PYTHEAS/LAM/CeSAM (Marseille), OCA/Lagrange (Nice) and Observatoire de Paris/LESIA (Paris) and supported by a grant from Labex OSUG@2020 (Investissements d’avenir – ANR10 LABX56).