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Team and organization

15 July 2015 ( maj : 30 September 2016 ), by Nadège Meunier

Processing Center Team:

  • Nadège Meunier (IPAG/OSUG), PI
  • Damien Albert (UMS832/OSUG), software development
  • Philippe Delorme (IPAG/OSUG), data reduction and development
  • Eric Lagadec (LAGRANGE/OCA), data reduction and development
  • David Mouillet (IPAG/OSUG); project scientist de SPHERE, expertise, instrument monitoring
  • Raphaël Galicher (LESIA/Observatoire de Paris), reduction and analysis cote development, user support
  • Anthony Boccaletti (LESIA/Observatoire de Paris), development, user support
  • Frédéric Roussel, Engineer (IPAG/OSUG), system and network administration
  • Gaël Chauvin (IPAG/OSUG), expertise, relmationship with consortium
  • Jean-Luc Beuzit, PI SPHERE, expertise, relationship with consortium and ESO
  • Anne-Marie Lagrange, expertise, relationship with consortium

Target Data Base Team:

  • Hervé le Coroller (LAM/PYTHEAS), TDB PI
  • Jean-Charles Meunier (LAM/PYTHEAS), database development
  • Alann Sapone (LAM/PYTHEAS), software development
  • Chrystel Moreau (LAM/PYTHEAS), support ANIS
  • Thomas Fenouillet (LAM/PYTHEAS), system and network administration