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Available services and data

15 July 2015 ( maj : 10 August 2017 ), by Nadège Meunier

Available services at the Processing Center (CT)

Already available

  • Data processing on request: This service concerns the data reduction by the DC team as well as some analysis steps; The following codes are used :
    • The ESO DRH pipeline
    • Bad pixels and background crosstalks routines (IFS)
    • Wavelength solution correction (IFS)
    • PCA subtraction to a data cube (IFS, IRDIS)
    • Conversion of data cubes in organized data cubes, parallactic angles corrected for the true north and wavelength calibration for each canal (IFS, IRDIS)
    • Automatic and/or manual frame selection routines (IFS, IRDIS)
    • Images processed with different algorithms depending on observing conditions: detection limits, photometry and astrometry of point sources (available soon)
  • Access to the SPHERE-DC application to process your data: This service is an alternative to the first service. The user can access our application and process its own data through it. This service is open with some conditions: limited time for a given data set (1 week), outside of intensive run periods, so that we can control the charge on our server. This could evolve in the future depending on the needs and available infrastructures.
  • Support to SPHERE surveys: Surveys or Large Programs may have specific needs. For example the SHINE survey of the SPHERE consortium has complementary needs in term of routines and organization, in order to organize data processing during observing runs, access to the application, processing information stored in the database. Please contact us if you are in such a case.
    -* All reduced calibrations will be made available (note: raw calibrations are all public). Some data are already available.

Available on a short-term basis

  • Reduced science data
  • Instrument monitoring and interaction with ESO. This is very important to maintain the performances of such a complex instrument on the long term.

Long-term services

  • User training: organization of theoretical/practical sessions, in particular for PhD students and Postdocs
  • SPHERE-Legacy: we consider in the future to process all SPHERE data to make them available to the whole community. This will need to have a finalized and well-tested version of the whole pipeline and resources not available during the first years of the operations of SPHERE-DC.

Available services at the Target Data Base (TDB)

Available on a short-term basis

  • Reduced data from instruments other than SPHERE (DIVA archive): NaCo/VLT, Keck, Hubble, providing astrometry, photometry, detection limits and reduced images

Long-term services

  • The principal outputs of the analysis such as astrometry and photometry of the detections will be integrated in the TDB, as well as reduced images and detection limits.
  • Catalogue of the properties of the corresponding targets (age, distance, luminosity…), observing conditions, detection and non-detections… to allow a follow-up of the SHINE survey. It will be made available synchronously with the reduced data release.

Acknowledgements in your publications if you use SPHERE reduced data: This work has made use of the SPHERE Data Centre, jointly operated by OSUG/IPAG (Grenoble), PYTHEAS/LAM/CeSAM (Marseille), OCA/Lagrange (Nice) and Observatoire de Paris/LESIA (Paris) and supported by a grant from Labex OSUG@2020 (Investissements d’avenir – ANR10 LABX56).